“Please help children like Keira by donating today! All funds will support awareness of and research into pediatric brain cancer.”

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To create awareness of and improve research towards Pediatric Brain Cancer.

More children die from brain and central nervous system cancers than any other type of...

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Keira began Keira’s Krusade to fundraise for others with cancer. Simply click on one of the buttons below to see some fantastic, inspirational products!

Keira went into CancerCare MB one day...


Welcome to our 4th Annual 

Keira's Winter Klassic

In planning and adapting our 4th Annual Keira’s Winter Klassic tournament  to meet the challenges of COVID-19, we are thrilled to announce...


At age 10, in December, 2016, Keira was diagnosed with a brain tumour. We made three separate trips to the Children’s ER that week until the diagnosis was made. The very next day, Keira underwent surgery. Shortly thereafter, she began Keira’s Krusade to help others with cancer. Keira has always been such a compassionate girl, and this journey brought out that trait in her even more.

Keira travelled this road with incredible strength,...

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